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Artist Last Name Artist First Name Artist Last Name Publisher Stock No. Retail
The Journal of Contemporary Photography : Culture and Criticism,Vol. V “Strange Genius” Leo & Wolfe 733080 150.00
Adams Shelby Lee Salt and Truth, first edition, hard cover, signed Candela Books 573912 60
APPELT Dieter Dieter Appelt,P, OOP DAP 591326 70
Appollo Ken Humble Work and Mad Wanderings: Street Life in the Machine Age, H Carl Mautz 769403 25
Atget Eugene Atget, H Taschen 862150 39.99
Attie Shimon Shimon Attie Catalog, P, (Finstere Medine), OOP Attie 10012 $19.95
ATTIE Shimon Sites Unseen, H, OOP Verve Editions 035216 $39.95
BAILEY David Rock ‘n Roll Heroes, H, SIGNED Little Brown 223925 $95.00
BAILEY David The Lady is a Tramp: Portraits of Catherine Bailey, H, SIGNED W.W. Norton 541922 $60.00
BALDUS Edouard The Photographs of Edouard Baldus, H Idea/Abrams 964872 $65.00
Benson Harry Fifty Years in Pictures, H Abrams 941716 49.50
BING Ilse Ilse Bing: 3 Decades Of Photography, P NOMA 940228 $44.95
Birgus Vladimir The Nude in Czech Photography, H DAP 217272 65
BLOSSFELDT Karl Karl Blossfeldt, H, OOP Taschen 874388 39.99
Burns Ken Jazz - Ken Burns, H Knopf 944551 65
CAPONIGRO Paul Seasons, H, SIGNED, OOP Little Brown 217038 110
Carter Keith A Certain Alchemy U TX 719086 $50
Cartier-Bresson Henri Henri Cartier-Bresson Photographer, Fifth Edition, Hardcover Thames & Hudson 219867
Cartier-Bresson Henri A Propos de Paris, Reprint Little Brown 224964 29.95
Cartier-Bresson Henri In India, P, Reprint Little Brown 227351 34.50
Curtis Edward S. Edward S. Curtis by Hans Christian Adam Taschen 539289 $14.99
DE CLERCQ Louis Louis De Clercq: Voyage En Orient, H, SLIPCASE, Edition Cantz 221638 150
EGGLESTON William 2 1/4, H, 1st ed. Twin Palms Publishers 092705 200.00
ERWITT Elliot Personal Exposures, H, SIGNED W.W. Norton 026167 175.
Evans Walker Walker Evans, H Princeton Univ. Press / The Met 11623 65.00
EVANS Walker Subways and Streets, P, OOP NAT'L GAL 681664 125
Evans Walker Walker Evans & Company, H Abrams / MOMA 962063 55
EWING, editor William The Body,P,SLIPCASE Chronicle 807622 $29.95
FRANK Robert Flamingo, H DAP 141551 $39.95
FRANK Robert The Lines of My Hand, H, OOP DAP 552555 $95.00
Frank Robert Black White and Things, P DAP 616258 25.00
FRIEDLANDER Lee Maria,P Smithsonian 982071 $15.95
Friedlander Lee Prayer Pilgrimage For Freedom Eakins Press Foundation 300713 45.00
GILPIN Laura An Enduring Grace,H,OOP,1st ED UT 600773 $75.00
GOLDBECK Eugene Omar Panoramic Photography Of E.O. Goldbeck,H,SLIPCASE,OOP UT 727259 $750
Goldsmith Lynn Rock and Roll Abrams 9904058 45
GOULD Phillip Louisiana Capitols, H, SIGNED Galerie Press Inc. 541030 $35.00
An American Century of Photography, 2nd ED, Revised and Enlarged,H Abrams 963787 95.00
KASHER Steven The Civil Rights Movement:A Photographic History 1954-68, H, Mint condition 1st Edition Abbeville -SEE NOTES BEFORE SELLING!!!!! 201232 45
Kenna Michael Japan, H, First Edition, OOP Nazraeli 050436 275
Kenna Michael Monique’s Kindergarten, H, SIGNED Nazraeli 922558 $55.00
KIRCHHERR Astrid Golden Dreams,H,SIGNED, SLIPCASE,LTD ED OF 2500, Import Genesis 435153 $225.
Koetzle Hans-Michael 50 Photo Icons, The Story Behind the Pictures Taschen 526397 $29.99
Landy Elliott Woodstock Vision: The Spirit of a Generation, P SIGNED Landy Vision 507342 20
Lange Jessica Jessica Lange in Mexico Rose Gallery/Howard Greenberg Gallery 480982 40
Lange Jessica 50 Photographs by Jessica Lange, signed, first edition Powerhouse 874530 85
Leonard Herman Jazz, Giants, and Journeys, The Photography of Herman Leonard, forward by Quincy Jones, first edition Scala 118732 60
Leonard Herman Herman Leonard: Jazz Portraits, A Postcard Book Fotofolio 180302 9.95
LEONARD Herman Jazz Memories, H, signed, OOP Hachette Livre 182470 275
Leonard Herman Jazz, Giants, and Journeys, The Photography of Herman Leonard, forward by Quincy Jones, first edition, signed, OOP Scala 594347 150
Louviere + Vanessa Coincidence, By Louviere + Vanessa, first edition, softcover, signed Polk Museum of Art 576984 19.95
Louviere + Vanessa
InstinctExinct Catalogue, signed Louviere + Vanessa 7777777 $10.00
Lyon Danny Knave of Hearts, H, OOP, SIGNED Twin Palms Publishers 092631 125.00
Man Ray
Man Ray, H Taschen 871850 39.99
Mapplethorpe Robert Pictures, H, OOP DAP / Arena 041162 75.00
MAPPLETHORPE Robert Robert Mapplethorpe,H, OOP Little Brown 217283 95.00
MARK Mary Ellen Showgirls,H Random 042535 $39.95
MARSHALL Jim Not Fade Away:The Rock and Roll Photography of Jim Marshall,H Little Brown 223623 65
MCCARTNEY Linda Roadworks,H Little Brown 221728 $50.00
MCDERMOTT & MCGOUGH Peter & David A History of Photography,H DAP / Arena 728021 65.00
Newton Helmut Helmut Newton, Sex & Landscapes Taschen 835067 $39.99
PAILET Joshua Mann World's Fair: New Orleans, H, SIGNED JMP 564709 45
Pailet Joshua Mann Eye See America through the Lens of Joshua Mann Pailet, signed, first edition
Polk Museum of Art 576922 24.95
Pailet Joshua Mann Eye See America through the Lens of Joshua Mann Pailet, unsigned, first edition Polk Museum of Art 5769222 19.99
PARKS Gordon Half Past Autumn: A Retrospective, H Little Brown 222988 $65.
Pierce Cherye R. and James F. In Celebration of Light Honolulu Academy of the Arts 4266282 19.95
Legacy Of Light,H,OOP BW 563654 25.00
Redfern David The Unclosed Eye, P, SIGNED Sanctuary 742556 40.
Sacabo Joséphine Óyeme Con Los Ojos, unsigned LUNA 550350 75
Sacabo Josephine Nocturnes by Josephine Sacabo and Dalt Wonk, Edition of 350, signed Luna Press 587080 125.00
Sacabo Josephine Inventing Reality LUNA Press 609500 45
Sacabo Josephine Pedro Páramo, SIGNED, H Text by Juan Rulfo, translated by Margaret Sayers Peden, First Edition U TX 771215 35
Salgado Sebastião Genesis Taschen 538725 69.99
Eros, OOP, H Stewart, Tabori & Chang 704879 175
SAUDEK Jan Jan Saudek, H, OOP, includes translation Jan Saudek 006574 175
Seliger Mark Lenny Kravitz, H, SIGNED by Mark Seliger and Lenny Kravitz Arena 041502 175
SEROTTA Edward Survival in Sarajevo, P DAP 475721 $29.95
SEXTON Richard New Orleans: Elegance & Decadence, H, SIGNED Chronicle 800741 $40.00
Sexton Richard Vestiges of Grandeur, H, SIGNED Chronicle 818179 55.
Sexton Richard Gardens of New Orleans: Exquisite Excess, H Chronicle 824217 40
Sexton Richard Terra Incognita, signed Chronicle 858545 50
Sexton Richard Creole World, Signed Historic New Orleans Collection 860669 49.95
Shaw Jennifer Hurricane Story Perseus 457632 18
Sherman Cindy The Early Work of Cindy Sherman, H DAP 402037 50
SMITH W. Eugene Let Truth Be the Prejudice,H Aperture 811793 $60.00
Spear David M. Visible Spirits, No es Nada Como Parece,
Photographs of Mexico, signed
Gnomon Press 788796 40
Spear David M. The Neugents, “Close to Home,” signed Gnomon Press 788895 40
STUART Marty Pilgrims, H Rutledge Hill press 537732 29.95
Sturges Jock Jock Sturges: New Work, 1996-2000 SIGNED Scalo 47365 95
Taylor Maggie Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Limited Edition with photograph, signed, first edition Modern Book 010488 800
Taylor Maggie Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, first edition, signed Modern Book 104417 75
Taylor Maggie No Ordinary Days, First Edition U FL Press 878412 95
Tenneson Joyce Intimacy, The Sensual Essence of Flowers, signed bk Joyce Tenneson 144795 25
TENNESON Joyce Transformations, H, OOP Little Brown 219310 $135.00
TENNESON Joyce Illuminations, H, SIGNED
Little Brown 223844 $55.
Tenneson Joyce Light Warriors, H Little Brown 226983 50
Uelsmann Jerry N. Referencing Art, H, Signed Nazraeli 50614 40
UELSMANN Jerry Uelsmann / Yosemite, P, SIGNED U FL Press 301445 $34.95
Uelsmann Jerry Uelsmann Untitled, A Retrospective, Signed U FL Press 049496 45
Welty Eudora Eudora Welty, Country Churchyards, H U MS 062357 35.
Welty Eudora Eudora Welty, Country Churchyards, Ltd. Edition of 150 Slipcased, Numbered in back U MS 062659 150.
WINANS Fonville Fonville Winans’ Louisiana, H LSU 119903 $45.00
WOOD John Art of the Autochrome,H Univ. of Iowa 454137 67.50

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