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Artist Last Artist First Item Description Publisher Stock No. Retail
Adams Shelby Lee Salt and Truth, first edition, hard cover, signed Candela Books 573912 60
Ansel Taos Pueblo, SIGNED, Ed. of 900 Little Brown 207229 $2,000.00
AGUILERA-HELLWEG Max The Sacred Heart: An Atlas of the Body Seen Through Invasive Surgery, SIGNED, H Little Brown 223771 $50.
BAILEY David Rock ‘n Roll Heroes, H, SIGNED Little Brown 223925 $95.00
BAILEY David The Lady is a Tramp: Portraits of Catherine Bailey, H, SIGNED W.W. Norton 541922 $60.00
BARNBAUM Bruce Visual Symphony, SIGNED, H, OOP Barnbaum 383305 165
BARNBAUM Bruce Art of Photography, SIGNED, P Barnbaum 396473 $32.95
Barnbaum Bruce Tone Poems, Signed, with accompanying CD (Judith Cohen, piano) Photographic Arts Press 771502 80.00
Beard Peter Fifty Years of Portraits, signed with full signature, Double page footprint, First Edition, Sold Out, Spec ial Edition inscribed in New Orleans, date stamp Arena 11566 1500
Beard Peter Fifty Years of Portraits, signed with initials, Double page footprint, First Edition, Sold Out, Spec ial Edition inscribed in New Orleans, date stamp Arena 11824 950
Beard Peter Fifty Years of Portraits, signed with initals, Double page footprint, First Edition, Sold Out, Spec ial Edition inscribed in New Orleans, date stamp Arena 11859 950
Beard Peter Peter Beard, Art Edition of 125, with photograph, signed Taschen 11868 12500
Beard Peter Peter Beard, limited edition book 126-2500, signed, OOP Taschen 11869 7500
Bernhard Ruth Gift of the Commonplace, H, signed, OOP Woodrose Publishing 039342 $75.00
BERNHARD Ruth Gift of the Commonplace, P, SIGNED,OOP Woodrose Publishing 039350 $95.00
Brenner Jackie Friday Night Grind, Bourbon Street, New Orleans, signed, first edition Shine Media Group 252333 55
CAPONIGRO Paul The Wise Silence, SIGNED Little Brown 215485 $175.00
CAPONIGRO Paul Megaliths, SIGNED, H , OP Little Brown 216163 $150.00
CAPONIGRO Paul Seasons, H, SIGNED, OOP Little Brown 217038 110
Carter Keith Photographs: 25 Years, signed U TX 711956 50.00
CLARK Sandra Russell Elysium: A Gathering of Souls,H, OOP, SIGNED LSU Press 122289 $49.95
COTIER James Nudes In Budapest, H, Signed COTIER 863002 $60.00
EPSTEIN Mitch In Pursuit of India, H, SIGNED Aperture 812145 65.00
ERWITT Elliot Personal Exposures, H, SIGNED W.W. Norton 026167 175.
Erwitt Elliott Snaps, H, SIGNED First Edition Phaidon 841501 125.00
FRIEDLANDER Lee Flowers And Trees,H,SIGNED, OOP Friedlander 025360 $475.00
FRIEDLANDER Lee Jazz People Of New Orleans,H,OOP, SIGNED Random 416382 125.
FRIEDLANDER Lee The Desert Seen,H,SIGNED DAP 616754 $75.00
GOTTLIEB William Golden Age of Jazz (revised), SIGNED, P Pomegranate Art Books 543557 45
GOTTLIEB William Golden Age of Jazz, SIGNED, P DACAPO 802376 $19.95
GOULD Phillip Cajun Music and Zydeco, SIGNED, H Forest Sales 117692 $39.95
GOULD Phillip Louisiana Capitols, H, SIGNED Galerie Press Inc. 541030 $35.00
Gremillion Kimberly Circus, H, signed Chandler Images 984003 50
GRUEN Bob Sometime in New York City, H, SIGNED by Yoko Ono and Bob Gruen, Edition of 3500, Import, LTD ED, SLIPCASE Genesis Publications 351459 495
GRUEN Bob Crossfire Hurricane: 25 Years of the Rolling Stones in the USA, The Photographs of Bob Gruen, H, SIGNED, SLIPCASE, Edition of 1750, OOP Genesis 351580 550
Gunther Carl Mania Days: The Beatles 1964 US Tour, Limited Edition of 2,500, signed by Steven Gunther and numbered Genesis 351785 350
IMES Birney POSTER: Juke Joint by Birney Imes , SIGNED, NFS U MS 10737 $15.00
IMES Birney Juke Joint, SIGNED, First Edition U MS 054375 275.00
IMES Birney Juke Joint, Slipcased, Limited Edition of 100, Signed by Imes & Ford U MS 054405 750.00
IMES Birney Whispering Pines, H, Slipcased, LTD ED OF 100, SIGNED U MS 057080 $350.00
Karsh Yousuf Karsh Portraits (First Edition and signed) Little Brown 11855 95
KENNA Michael The Rouge, H, SIGNED, OOP RAM 078534 175.00
KENNA Michael The Elkhorn Slough and Moss Landing,P,SIGNED RAM 173093 $34.95
KENNA Michael Michael Kenna:A Twenty Year Retrospective,SIGNED,H,OOP RAM / Treville 709640 275.
Kenna Michael Monique’s Kindergarten, H, SIGNED Nazraeli 922558 $55.00
KIRCHHERR Astrid Liverpool Days/Golden Dreams,H, BOXED SET,SIGNED,SLIPCASE, LTD ED OF 2500

Genesis 11094 $550.
KIRCHHERR Astrid Liverpool Days, NFS,Signed, H, Slipcased, OP, Limited Edition of 2,500 Genesis Publications, LTD, UK 351440 $275.00
KIRCHHERR Astrid Golden Dreams,H,SIGNED, SLIPCASE,LTD ED OF 2500, Import Genesis 435153 $225.
Landy Elliott Woodstock Vision: The Spirit of a Generation, P SIGNED Landy Vision 507342 20
Lange Jessica 50 Photographs by Jessica Lange, signed, first edition Powerhouse 874530 85
Laughlin Clarence J. Ghosts Along The Mississippi (signed and inscribed) Crown 11856 95
Laughlin Clarence John Clarence John Laughlin, The Personal Eye (signed and inscribed) Aperture 11858 75
LAUGHLIN Clarence J. Haunter of Ruins:The Photography of Clarence J. Laughlin,H,SIGNED by author John Lawrence Little Brown 223615 $40.00
GOAT: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali, Collector’s Edition of 9,000. signed by Muhammad Ali & Jeff Koons, silk-covered box Taschen 816272 6000
GOAT: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali, Champ’s Edition of 1,000. signed by Muhammad Ali & Jeff Koons, art by Koons & Bingham, silk-covered box Taschen 830682 15000
LEONARD Herman Jazz Memories, H, signed, OOP Hachette Livre 182470 275
Leonard Herman Jazz, Giants, and Journeys, The Photography of Herman Leonard, forward by Quincy Jones, first edition, signed, OOP Scala 594347 150
LEONARD Herman Eye of Jazz,H,SIGNED,OOP Viking 827711 $150.00
Louviere + Vanessa Coincidence, By Louviere + Vanessa, first edition, softcover, signed Polk Museum of Art 576984 19.95
Louviere + Vanessa
InstinctExinct Catalogue, signed Louviere + Vanessa 7777777 $10.00
Louviere + Vanessa + Michael Zell The Oblivion Atlas, Signed Lavender Ink 508447 25
LOWE Jacques “Les Annees Kennedy: Portrait d’un President”,P,SIGNED,OOP Espace Photographique de la Ville de Paris 011387 $40.00
Lowe Jacques Jazz : Photographs of the Masters, H,OP,Signed Artisan 183259 $55.00
lowe Jacques Kennedy : A Time Remembered, H,OP,Signed Quartet / Visual Arts 324040 $70.00
LOWE Jacques Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis:The Making of a First Lady,H,SIGNED,OOP General Publishing Group 649784 $60.00
LOWE Jacques The Kennedy Legacy : A Generation Later,H,SIGNED,OOP Viking 818828 $70.00
LYON Danny Paper Negative, SIGNED, NFS BB 069025 $45.00
Lyon Danny Knave of Hearts, H, OOP, SIGNED Twin Palms Publishers 092631 125.00
Lyon Danny The Knave of Hearts, Limited Edition 0f 200, Signed, Slipcased Twin Palms Publishers 092640 1000.
LYON Danny I Like To Eat Right On The Dirt: A Child’s Journey Back in Space and Time, P, SIGNED, OOP DAP 099228 $55.00
LYON Dannny Merci Gonaïves: A Photographer’s Account of Haiti and the February Revolution,P,SIGNED,OOP BB / DAP 773298 $35.00
LYON Danny Memories of the Southern Civil Rights Movement,H,SIGNED, OOP UNC PRESS 820547 $59.95
LYON Danny Memories of the Southern Civil Rights Movement,P,SIGNED UNC PRESS 843865 $34.95
McCaffety Kerri The Majesty of the French Quarter,H,SIGNED Pelican 544145 39.95
MCCARTNEY Linda Sixties, SIGNED, H, NFS Little Brown 219590 450
Meek A.J. Clarence John Laughlin, Profit Without Honor, Signed U MS 069095 30
MEEK A.J. Gardens of Louisiana, H, SIGNED Forest Sales 892029 49.95
Moon Sarah Coincidences, H, Signed, First Edition Arena 041464 65.00
Neff Tom Holding Out And Hanging On, signed University of Missouri Press 217745 35
NEWMAN Arnold Americans, H, OP,SIGNED, NFS Little Brown 218990 $125.00
NEWMAN Arnold Americans, P, SIGNED, NFS Little Brown 219010 $45.00
NEWTON Helmut Portraits, H, SIGNED, NFS Schirmer/Mosel 563210 $150.00
Newton Helmut Helmut Newton’s SUMO, signed and numbered, ltd edition of 10,000, with display stand by Philippe Starck Taschen 863947 15000
PAILET Joshua Mann World's Fair: New Orleans, H, SIGNED JMP 564709 45
Pailet Joshua Mann Eye See America through the Lens of Joshua Mann Pailet, signed, first edition
Polk Museum of Art 576922 29.95
Pierce Cherye R. and James F. In Celebration of Light, SIGNED Honolulu Academy of the Arts 426628 19.95
PoKempner Marc Down at Theresa’s...Chicago Blues, signed Prestel 323008
Putland Michael Pleased to Meet You, H, signed, slipcased, LTD ED of 1750 Genesis 11576 325
REDFERN David DO NOT USE THIS ENTRY The Unclosed Eye,P,SIGNED Sanctuary 742408 40.00
Redfern David The Unclosed Eye, P, SIGNED Sanctuary 742556 40.
Roylance Brian Early Dylan, Signed (by publisher), Slipcased Limited Edition of 250, photographs by Jim Marshall, Daniel Kramer & Barry Feinstein Genesis Publications 351769 750
Russell Lincoln Artist Seeking Models, H, SIGNED Steinhour Wemyss 398401 75.00
SACABO Josephine Une Femme Habitée, H, SIGNED, OOP Marval 234088 95.00
Sacabo Josephine Nocturnes by Josephine Sacabo and Dalt Wonk, Edition of 350, signed Luna Press 587080 125.00
Sacabo Josephine Pedro Páramo, SIGNED, H Text by Juan Rulfo, translated by Margaret Sayers Peden, First Edition U TX 771215 35
Sahuc Louis Orléans Embrace with The Secret Gardens of the Vieux Carré, Signed Morgana Press 351473 50
Seliger Mark Lenny Kravitz, H, SIGNED by Mark Seliger and Lenny Kravitz Arena 041502 175
Seliger Mark Lenny Kravitz, H, SIGNED by Mark Seliger only Arena 2041502 45.00
SEXTON Richard New Orleans: Elegance & Decadence, H, SIGNED Chronicle 800741 $40.00
Sexton Richard Vestiges of Grandeur, H, SIGNED Chronicle 818179 55.
Sexton Richard Terra Incognita, signed Chronicle 858545 50
Sexton Richard Creole World, Signed Historic New Orleans Collection 860669 49.95
SMITH Bradley POSTER: Billie Holiday, SIGNED, NFS smith 10736 $75.00
SMITH Bradley POSTER: Louis Armstrong, 1944, SIGNED, NFS smith 10819 $75.00
SMITH Bradley POSTER: Papa Celestin & his Grandchild, SIGNED, NFS smith 10822 $75.00
SMITH Michael P. Joyful Noise,P,SIGNED Forest Sales 337040 $16.95
SMITH Michael P. Mardi Gras Indians, H, SIGNED Forest Sales 898965 $39.95
Spear David M. Visible Spirits, No es Nada Como Parece,
Photographs of Mexico, signed
Gnomon Press 788796 40
Spear David M. The Neugents, “Close to Home,” signed Gnomon Press 788895 40
Sturges Jock Jock Sturges: Notes (signed) Aperture 11860 49.95
Sturges Jock Last Day of Summer, H, SIGNED Aperture 14946 55
Sturges Jock The Rollei Project, signed Foto Henry Hoogeveen 040302
Sturges Jock Jock Sturges: New Work, 1996-2000 SIGNED Scalo 47365 95
STURGES Jock Jock Sturges, NFS, First Ed., OOP, SIGNED, H Scalo 141306 125
STURGES Jock Jock Sturges, SIGNED, OOP, First Ed., H Scalo 141306-2 $175.
Tarlé Dominique Exile: The Making of Exile on Main Street (Rolling Stones), Ldt. Ed. of 2000, signed Genesis 351815 390.00
Taylor Maggie Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Limited Edition with photograph, signed, first edition Modern Book 010488 800
Taylor Maggie Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, first edition, signed Modern Book 104417 75
Taylor Maggie Maggie Taylor’s Landscapes of Dreams, first edition, signed Adobe Press 306147 40
Taylor Maggie Solutions Beginning With A, Signed Modern Book Editions 882847 65
TENNESON Joyce POSTER: Suzanne by Joyce Tenneson , SIGNED, NFS Tenneson 10734 $95.00
Tenneson Joyce Intimacy, The Sensual Essence of Flowers, signed bk Joyce Tenneson 144795 25
TENNESON Joyce Transformations, P, SIGNED, OOP
Little Brown 221027 $70.
TENNESON Joyce Illuminations, H, SIGNED
Little Brown 223844 $55.
UELSMANN Jerry N. Process and Perception, P, signed U FL Press 008301 $34.95
UELSMANN Jerry N. Photo Synthesis,H,SIGNED U FL Press 011590 $52.95
UELSMANN Jerry Photo Synthesis, P,SIGNED U FL Press 011604 $36.95
UELSMANN Jerry Uelsmann / Yosemite, H, SIGNED U FL Press 014441 $49.95
Uelsmann Jerry N. Referencing Art, H, Signed Nazraeli 50614 40
Uelsmann Maggie Tayor & Jerry Maggie & Jerry, Signed, Museum Edition with silk box Hamni Pharm 181316 250
UELSMANN Jerry Uelsmann / Yosemite, P, SIGNED U FL Press 301445 $34.95
Uelsmann Jerry N. Approaching the Shadow, H signed Nazraeli 922795 60
Uelsmann Jerry Uelsmann Untitled, A Retrospective, Signed U FL Press 049496 45
Voorman Astrid Kirchherr and Klaus Hamburg Days, Boxed Limited Edition of 2,500, signed and numbered Genesis 351734 480.00
WAWRZONEK John Walking, H, SIGNED NATURE CO. 10018 $39.95
WINANS Fonville POSTER: Oyster Man, SIGNED, NFS Winans 10823 $95.00
Witkin Joel-Peter Photographie de Joel-Peter Witkin signed Delpire 072597 350
Witkin Joel-Peter The Bone House, 1st Edition, Signed Twin Palms Publishers 409256 125
WONK Dalt Book of Golem, P, SIGNED,LTD ED of 600 Dalt Wonk 11408 65.00
WONK Dalt New Fables, P, SIGNED, LTD ED OF 600 Masquerade 11409 85.00
Wonk Dalt French Quarter Fables, signed Luna Press 666358 85
Zimbel George POSTER - George Zimbel, Woman at Bar, New Orleans, 1955, SIGNED
11733 100
Zimbel George POSTER - George Zimbel, Irish Dancehall, N.Y., 1954, SIGNED
11734 100
Zimbel George POSTER - George Zimbel, Marilyn Monroe, NYC, 1954, SIGNED
11735 100
Zimbel George POSTER - George Zimbel, Convertible, 1960’s, SIGNED
11736 100
Zimbel George POSTER - George Zimbel, Jack Ryan, 1957, SIGNED
11737 100
Zimbel George S. George S. Zimbel (signed) IVAM Centre, Valencia 171228 75
Zimbel George Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Signed
892204 125
ZINT Günter BIG: Beatles in Germany,
Genesis 351572 $395.

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