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Lucienne Bloch

Frida Biting her Necklace.

Lucienne Bloch was born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1909 - Lived in NYC from 1931-1939 - lived in Flint, Michigan from 1939-1948 - Lived in Mill Valley, California from 1948-1963 - Lived in Gualala, California from 1963-until her death in 1999.

Known for:
Photographs of Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera. Also a mural artist (carried on the fresco tradition learned from Diego Rivera)

Most Popular Images:
Frida at the Barbizon Hotel, Frida Biting Her Necklace, Cars in the Snow,
Hear Me Speak

Did you know ... ?
Lucienne Bloch's father, the Swiss born composer Ernest Bloch, was also a photographer. He and Alfred Stieglitz corresponded, and it was Ernest Bloch who influenced Stieglitz to produce his cloud series. Ernest Bloch's photographic archives rest at The Center For Creative Photography in Arizona. Lucienne was also friends with many photographers during her lifetime: Alfred Stieglitz, Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, Imogen Cunningham, Margaret Bourke White, and others.

If women get the same kick from a pearl necklace as I get from handling this lovely jewel of a camera, I understand their craze!" From Lucienne Bloch's diary 1928 when speaking of her 1927 Leica Camera.

General Format:
Silver gelatin prints (most were printed on 11”X14” paper matted 16”X20”)

How many photographs exist?
There are less than 100 of each image.

$1800 - $2400.

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How are the photographs printed and signed?
Au recto, bottom right hand side with an archival photographic pen.

Some available. The majority are of the automobile labor movement in the 1930s and Europe in the 1920s, a few are of Frida and Diego in Mexico.

Frida Art Box. There were only 15 made. Contains seven sepia-toned images of Frida Kahlo printed on 8X10 paper and matted to 11X14. The photographs were signed by Lucienne on front lower right side. Unique box features a sketch of Frida done by Lucienne Bloch in 1932. Also includes part of a letter by Frida and part of a diary entry by Lucienne Bloch.

Lucienne Bloch’s photographs are featured in many books on Diego Rivera and Frida Khalo. The biographies of Rivera by Bertram Wolfe, and the bio on Khalo by Hayden Herrera, both use numerous Bloch photographs. There are also numerous books on art history which have used her image of Rivera's mural, "Man at the Crossroads of Life" from Rockefeller Plaza. The mural was destroyed before it was completed, and Bloch’s picures are the only photographic documentation of its image.

A gallery for Fine Photography has a great selection of Bloch's photographs available.

Midnight at the New Workers School, Diego Rivera and Frida Khalo

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