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E.O. Goldbeck

New York Yankees with Babe Ruth
"New York Yankees with Babe Ruth," 1922

Eugene Omar Goldbeck was born in San Antonio, TX in 1891 and died there in 1986.

Known for:
Panoramic views from around the world.

Most Popular Images:
Babe Ruth’s New York Yankees in San Antonio";
"Machu Picchu"; "Bathing Beauties"; "Albert Einstein"; "Mt. McKinley"; "Living Air Force Insignia".

Did you know ... ?
• Goldbeck worked as a “kidnapper”, the expression for photographers who took a free picture of a large groups of people, then sold prints to the individuals in the photographs.
• He was known as the "unofficial photographer of America's military” He pushed the limits of his craft by working with large groups, which at times numbered up to 23,000 people arranged in striking designs.

"I want to be known as ‘Goldbeck, the world famous photographer’.”

General Format:
Panoramic format. Sizes range from 8” x 10” to 10” x 50”.
All are contact printed - no enlargements.

How many photographs exist?
Large editions (approx. 50-500 each). Most are unsigned. A Gallery only carries the signed photographs by E.O. Goldbeck.


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How are the photographs printed and signed?
Signed au recto (front of photograph).
Many stamped au verso (on the back). All contact printed by Goldbeck.

Technical Information:
Goldbeck used a Cirkut Camera. It held film that was up to 10” wide by 48” long. The camera revolved on a tripod while the film advanced at the same speed.

None available.


Books - In Print (order yours now!):
Goldbeck. Hardcover. DAP
Panoramic Photography of Eugene O. Goldbeck. Hardcover. Slipcased. UTX. Out of Print.

A Gallery for Fine Photography has many of E.O. Goldbeck’s photos available.

Price History:
1980: $15-25 (unsigned)
1982: $25-35 (unsigned)
1985: $100 - 200 (signed).
1995: $500- 950 (signed)
2000: $950 - 2,500 (signed)

Bathing Beauty Review, Galveston, TX
"Bathing Beauty Review, Galveston, Texas", 1923 (detail)

The Pyramids at Giza, 1971
"The Pyramids at Giza," 1971"

Authenticity is guaranteed. Prices and availability are subject to change without prior notice.

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