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Barbara Morgan

Martha Graham, Letter to the World, "Kick"

Barbara Morgan was born in Buffalo, Kansas in 1900.
She resided in California, and then in New York.
She passed away in North Tarrytown in 1992.

Known for:
Light drawings, photomontage and dance photography. The theme throughout her work was movement and living energy.

Most Popular Image:
"Martha Graham, Letter to the World ('Kick') "

Did you know ... ?
• Morgan was also a painter.
• In 1925, she met and married writer / photographer Willard D. Morgan, who encouraged her to convert to the medium he considered the real Modern Art of the 20th Century (photography)
• Barbara later met Edward Weston and helped him to hang an exhibition of his photographs at the UCLA Art Department. Upon seeing his work, she immediately realized the potential of the medium as a fine-art.
• Morgan was the recipient of a National Endowment of the Arts grant, Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts (Marquette University, Milwaukee), elected Fellow of the Philadelphia Musuem of Art and received many top awards, including the Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Society of Magazine Photographers.

“Previsualizing is the first essential of dance photography. The ecstatic gesture happens swiftly and is gone; unless the photographer previsions in order to fuse dance action, light and space simultaneously, there can be no significant dance picture."

General Format:
11" x 14" and 16" x 20" Silver gelatin photographs.

How many photographs exist?
Unnumbered editions but for most images, no more than 20 exist in all sizes.


How are the photographs printed and signed?
Au recto in pencil, some are also signed au verso in ink. Copyright and info stamp au verso.

Vintage photographs are available. Vintage means that the print date is at or near the same time as the negative date.

Technical Information:
"A photomontage by Barbara Morgan is the end-product of a series of complex decisions beginning with concept. The exposure and selection of the negatives follow, and the design is rendered through such carefully chosen printing procedures as combination printing; sandwiching negatives together; thereby printing them simultaneously; pre-planned double exposure in the camera; the re-photographing of collaged photographs; and/or a combination of the above."


Books - In Print:
Barbara Morgan American Masters Series
Martha Graham

Select images by Barbara Morgan are available.

Price History:
1975: $100 - $300
1985: $950 - $2,500
1995: $2,000 - $7,500

Light Drawing, Emanations

Authenticity is guaranteed. Prices and availability are subject to change without prior notice.

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