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Jock Sturges

Montalivet, France, 2006

Sturges was born in New York City in 1947. He worked in San Francisco for many years and now currently resides in Seattle, Washington.

Known for:
Beautifully printed images of nude figures (young women and families) on the beaches of California and France.

Most Popular Image(s):
Misty Dawn, 1991; Northern California, 1991;
Christina, Misty Dawn, and Alisa, Northern California, 1989;
Marine, Last Day of Summer, #2, Montalivet, France, 1989;
Fanny; Montalivet, France, 1995; Maia, Montalivet, France, 1991.

Did you know ... ?
Jock Sturges' photographs often expand over two and three generations of the same families.

"It's what's least manipulated and owes the most, therefore, to what people themselves have done. All the art in my work dwells in the subjects; it's all theirs. It's not made up by me; I ain't that smart."

General Format:
Jock Sturges prints primarily in 16" x 20" silver gelatin format, but occasionally offers other photographs in 8" x 10" and 20" x 24".

How many photographs exist?
16" x 20" silver gelatin: Editions of 40
20" x 24" silver gelatin: Editions of 15

8" x 10" silver gelatin contact prints: Editions of 10.


How are the photographs printed and signed?
The photographs are all signed and numbered au verso. Many of his popular images are sold out.

Technical Information:
8x10 View Camera

The Defense Portfolio, 1990. Four 11" x 14" prints, Edition of 60.
Standing on Water, 1991. Ten 20" x 24" prints, Edition of 40.

Books: (order yours now!):
Last Day of Summer
Evolution of Grace (out of print)
Radiant Identities
Jock Sturges
New Work, Scalo 2000

A Gallery for Fine Photography has a large selection of Jock Sturges' photographs and books.

Price History:
1978: $125 (8" x 10" contact prints)
1985: $500 (16" x 20")
1990: $600 (Begins Limited Editions)
1997: $750-$2,500
2001: $850-$3,500

2006: $1000-$4,000

Authenticity is guaranteed. Prices and availability are subject to change without prior notice.


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