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 Artist / TitleMediumEditionDateItemNoPrice
C.P Paris
Man writing a letter, "Bonne Année" (Happy New Year)(Hand Colored)
Silver Gelatinunnumberedca. 1924-1926CPP-32720 $350
C.P Paris
Woman and Harlequin (Hand colored)
Silver Gelatinunnumberedca. 1900-1910CPP-32719 $750
Cartes Postale
Young woman posing by chair (Hand Colored)
Silver Gelatinunummberedca. 1900-1929CAP-32715 $350
Dédé Paris
Girl holding flowers (Happy New Year Card)(Hand Colored)
Silver Gelatinunnumberedca 1920DEP-32718 $350
Gittings Studio
Popswhitesell in his studio
Type C Print/31960GIS-32727 $1000
Berenice Abbott
Greyhound Bus Terminal
Silver Gelatin10/60July 14, 1936BA-17938 $5500
Berenice Abbott
Gunsmith and Police Department
Silver Gelatin10/60Feb 4,1937BA-17942 $4500
Berenice Abbott
Rothman's Pawnshop
Silver Gelatin10/60May 18, 1938BA-17944 $4500
Berenice Abbott
Snuff Shop
Silver Gelatin10/60Jan 26, 1938BA-17939 $5500
Berenice Abbott
South Street with Brooklyn Bridge
Silver Gelatin10/60March 30, 1937BA-17943 $4500
Berenice Abbott
Statue Shop
Silver GelatinVintage1935BA-12715 $12500
Berenice Abbott
Sumner Healey Antique Shop
Silver Gelatin10/60Oct 8, 1936BA-17946 $4500
Berenice Abbott
Treasury Building from J.P. Morgan's Office
Silver Gelatin10/60 BA-17940 $5500
Berenice Abbott
Tri-Boro Barber School, Bowery
Silver Gelatin10/60Oct 24, 1935BA-17937 $7500
Ansel Adams
A Girl of Taos, pl. IV
Silver Gelatin68/1081929AA-2028 $7500
Ansel Adams
Kearsage Pinnacles
Silver GelatinVintage1927AA-21877 $12500
Ansel Adams
Moon and Rocks, Joshua Tree National Monument
Silver Gelatinsmall1973AA-21802 $30000
Ansel Adams
Moonrise Over Hernandez, New Mexico
Silver Gelatin/10411941AA-32755 $375000
Ansel Adams
Mount Brewer
Silver GelatinVintage1927AA-21876 $12500
Ansel Adams
Mt.Ritter from Mt. Lyell, Sierra Club Outing Porfolio, print # 19, Parmelian Print
Silver Gelatinsmall1929AA-21803 $22500
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