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 Artist / TitleMediumEditionDateItemNoPrice
E.O. Goldbeck
5th Annual Bathing Girl Review, Galveston, TX
Silver Gelatinunnumbered1924EOG-14095 $3500
E.O. Goldbeck
Brooklyn Dodgers as Seen in San Antonio, March 31,1922
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1922EOG-10733 $1750
E.O. Goldbeck
Eugene Goldbeck & Assistant Sam Rothwell
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1925EOG-20205 $2500
E.O. Goldbeck
Fred Beebe Rodeo and Ku Klux Klan Drum and Bugle Corps, San Antonio, Texas
Silver Gelatinunnumbered1924EOG-14069 $2500
E.O. Goldbeck
Mexico City Square & Cathedral
Silver Gelatinunnumbered1930sEOG-14043 $1500
E.O. Goldbeck
Mt. McKinley and the Alaska Range
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1957EOG-20526 $2500
E.O. Goldbeck
Versailles Palace, France
Silver Gelatinunnumbered1927EOG-14045 $1250
E.O. Goldbeck
View from the Grand Palais, Paris, France
Silver Gelatinunnumbered1927EOG-14062 $2000
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