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 Artist / TitleMediumEditionDateItemNoPrice
Eduard J. Steichen
Battlefield at Vaux I, France
Silver Gelatinunnumbered1918EJS-13224 $3500
Eduard J. Steichen
Battlefield at Vaux II, France
Silver Gelatinunnumbered1919EJS-14718 $4500
Eduard J. Steichen
Besnard, pl. 20, Vol. 2, Camera Work
Photogravure150April 1903EJS-1357 $650
Eduard J. Steichen
Cover Design, Pl. 55 Vol. 14, Camera Work
PhotogravureUnnumbered1906EJS-1674 $3000
Eduard J. Steichen
Dawn, Flowers, Pl. 11 Vol. 2, Camera Work
Photogravure1501903EJS-16940 $12500
Eduard J. Steichen
Duse, Pl. 11 from Camera Work , Special Supplement,
Photogravure - Tissue2001906EJS-11871 $1500
Eduard J. Steichen
Experiment In 3-color Photography, Pl. 31, Vol. 15, Camera Work
 150July 1906EJS-1886 $1250
Eduard J. Steichen
J. Pierpont Morgan, Esq. (from Camera Work #14, 1906)
Photogravure/2001903EJS-24812 $3500
Eduard J. Steichen
Judgment Of Paris, Pl. 41 Vol. 2, Camera Work, (a Landscape Arrangement)
Photogravure150April 1903EJS-2353 $550
Eduard J. Steichen
Lenbach, Pl. 17, Vol. 2 Camera Work
Photogravure1501903EJS-2499 $650
Eduard J. Steichen
Maeterlinck, Pl. 7 Vol. SS Camera Work
Halftone150April 1906EJS-2581 $750
Eduard J. Steichen
Portrait, Pl. 37, Vol. 11 Camera Work
 150April 1903EJS-3268 $650
Eduard J. Steichen
Poster Lady, Pl.35, Vol. SS, Camera Work
Photogravure1501906EJS-4968 $1750
Eduard J. Steichen
Steeplechase Day, Paris; After the Races, Pl. 57, Vol42/43, Camera Work
Photogravure1501913EJS-9167 $2500
Eduard J. Steichen
Steeplechase Day, Paris; Grand Stand, Pl. 59 Vol42/43, Camera Work
 1501913EJS-9168 $2500
Eduard J. Steichen
The Little Model,Pl. 15, Vol. 14, Camera Work
Photogravure - Tissue2001906EJS-9459 $2500
Eduard J. Steichen
Vitality-Yvette Guilbert, Pl. 5, Vol. 42/43 Camera Work
Photogravure1501913EJS-4282 $1250
Eduard J. Steichen
William. M. Chase, Pl. 7, Vol. 14, Camera Work
Photogravure150April 1906EJS-4205 $750
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