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 Artist / TitleMediumEditionDateItemNoPrice
Jan Saudek
"Oh! What a Wondrous World of Mass Media" #816
Silver Gelatin 1991JAS-24408 $4500
Jan Saudek
Angel and Devil
Silver Gelatin/401997JAS-21329 $4500
Jan Saudek
Barbara as a Rocker and as the Gurl (Bára: Boy & Girl)
Silver Gelatin3/15 JAS-18926 $5500
Jan Saudek
Candle on Table and Woman with Arms in Front of Her Face Holding her Shirt Up
Silver Gelatin/401980JAS-21327 $4500
Jan Saudek
Chain Of Love #355/III
Silver Gelatin 1987JAS-24407 $4500
Jan Saudek
Chain Of Love #369
Silver Gelatin9/151987JAS-24406 $4500
Jan Saudek
Children Nr. 1903
Hand-Colored18/30 JAS-10048 $4500
Jan Saudek
Deep Devotion, #407
Hand-Colored9/101980JAS-10620 $9500
Jan Saudek
Denisa and Patrick, Diptych
Silver Gelatin 1980JAS-24409 $4500
Jan Saudek
Silver Gelatin4/5 JAS-18931 $25000
Jan Saudek
Dream and Reality
Silver Gelatin/401990JAS-21330 $4500
Jan Saudek
Dream and Reality
Hand-Colored8/106/1/90JAS-11072 $4500
Jan Saudek
Early Morning
Silver Gelatin3/9 JAS-18915 $4500
Jan Saudek
He's Tuned His FM Station, #179
Hand-Colored501988JAS-0006 $4500
Jan Saudek
Hey Joe Place, 30 Years Later, No.67 (ducks & swans on riverbank)
Hand-Colored7/501989JAS-24367 $5500
Jan Saudek
Homage to Marilyn M
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1992JAS-20651 $4500
Jan Saudek
Horn of Plenty
Silver Gelatin/401988JAS-15687 $4500
Jan Saudek
Ida Poses as the Virgin
Hand-Colored9/162001JAS-23132 $4500
Jan Saudek
Silver Gelatin10/15 JAS-18918 $4500
Jan Saudek
Jan's Heaven
Silver Gelatin6/301995JAS-21331 $4500
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