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 Artist / TitleMediumEditionDateItemNoPrice
Jerry N. Uelsmann
Silver Gelatinunnumbered2014JNU-31078 $6000
Jerry N. Uelsmann
"Buddy" (Jerry's dog who died recently)
Silver Gelatinunnumbered2015JNU-32736 $6000
Jerry N. Uelsmann
"Dream of Dionysus"
Silver Gelatinunnumbered2011JNU-31092 $6000
Jerry N. Uelsmann
"Dreamers," the Captain's House, New Orleans
Silver Gelatinunnumbered2015JNU-32737 $6000
Jerry N. Uelsmann
Silver Gelatinunnumbered2011JNU-31091 $6000
Jerry N. Uelsmann
Silver Gelatinunnumbered2013JNU-31088 $6000
Jerry N. Uelsmann
"On Photography"
Silver Gelatinunnumbered2014JNU-31132 $6000
Jerry N. Uelsmann
"Questions of Self"
Silver Gelatinunnumbered2015JNU-32738 $6000
Jerry N. Uelsmann
"The Burden of Dreams"
Silver Gelatinunnumbered2013JNU-31087 $6000
Jerry N. Uelsmann
"The Somnambulist's Dream"
Silver Gelatinunnumbered2014JNU-31082 $6000
Jerry N. Uelsmann
"The Storm"
Silver Gelatinunnumbered2014JNU-31083 $6000
Jerry N. Uelsmann
"Then One Day..."
Silver Gelatinunnumbered2014JNU-31081 $6000
Jerry N. Uelsmann
"Turtle Blessing"
Silver Gelatinunnumbered2013JNU-31089 $6000
Jerry N. Uelsmann
(Revelation Becomes A Mystery) (cloud figure under bridge/water)
Silver Gelatinunnumbered2014JNU-31079 $6000
Jerry N. Uelsmann
Animal Dreams
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1978JNU-17914 $4000
Jerry N. Uelsmann
Blind Street Singer
Silver Gelatinunnumbered1960JNU-25042 $4000
Jerry N. Uelsmann
Defining Light
Silver Gelatinunnumbered2009JNU-24810 $6000
Jerry N. Uelsmann
His Art is a Struggle Between Excess and Restraint (Self Portrait)
Silver Gelatinunnumbered2013JNU-31096 $4000
Jerry N. Uelsmann
Homage to Man Ray
Silver Gelatinunnumbered1997JNU-22069 $6000
Jerry N. Uelsmann
In a Quiet Space
Silver Gelatinunnumbered2015JNU-31077 $6000
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