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 Artist / TitleMediumEditionDateItemNoPrice
Marion Post Wolcott
"Quarters" of Migrant Laborers, Near Belle Glade, FL
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1939MPW-19419 $2500
Marion Post Wolcott
"Quarters" of Migrant Laborers, Near Belle Glade, FL
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1939MPW-19498 $4000
Marion Post Wolcott
A Member of the Wilkins Family, Making Biscuits on Corn Husking Day, near Stem, Tally Ho, NC
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1939MPW-19417 $1500
Marion Post Wolcott
A Negro Family on the Porch of Their Home, Natchitoches, LA
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1940MPW-19466 $4000
Marion Post Wolcott
A Negro Tenant Family on the Porch of Their House, Coswell Co,. NC
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1940MPW-19470 $4000
Marion Post Wolcott
A Spanish Muskrat Trapper, LA
Silver GelatinUnnumbered MPW-19511 $2000
Marion Post Wolcott
An Old Binder and Four Horse Team Cutting Crested Wheat Grass, Judith Basin MT
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1941MPW-19435 $1500
Marion Post Wolcott
Baptism in Triplett Creek, Primitive Baptist Church, Morehead, KY
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1940MPW-19423 $3000
Marion Post Wolcott
Barn in Snowstorm near Windsor, VT
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1939MPW-19440 $2000
Marion Post Wolcott
Barnyard Blizzard, Near Windsor, VT
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1940MPW-19409 $1500
Marion Post Wolcott
Bennie's Grocery Store, in Negro Section of Town, Sylvania, GA
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1939MPW-19495 $4000
Marion Post Wolcott
Black Children Playing Ball
Silver GelatinUnnumbered MPW-19461 $4000
Marion Post Wolcott
Black Workers Hoeing Vegetable Field
Silver GelatinUnnumbered MPW-19467 $2000
Marion Post Wolcott
Boy Scouts Examining Machine Gun, Washington, DC
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1941MPW-19478 $2500
Marion Post Wolcott
Boys Drying Off After Dip in Fountain by Union Station, Washington DC
Silver GelatinUnnumbered MPW-19438 $1500
Marion Post Wolcott
Carnival Posters at Strawberry Festival, Plant City, FL
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1939MPW-19507 $2000
Marion Post Wolcott
Cashiers Paying Off Day Laborers, Marcella Plantation, Mileston, MS
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1939MPW-19449 $3000
Marion Post Wolcott
Child of Migratory Packing-House Workers Washing Her Doll, Belle Glade, FL
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1939MPW-19434 $2000
Marion Post Wolcott
Children of Tenant Farmer, Younger One With Rickets, Near Wadesboro, NC
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1938MPW-19506 $4500
Marion Post Wolcott
Clerk of court's office, Oxford Court, North Carolina
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1939MPW-21036 $2500
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