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 Artist / TitleMediumEditionDateItemNoPrice
Michael Kenna
Afternoon Light, Shibecha, Hokkaido, Japan
Silver Gelatin34/452004MK-33546 $4000
Michael Kenna
Alianthus Tree and Yangze River, Study 1, Nantong, Jiangsu, China
Silver Gelatin2/252015MK-33567 $3000
Michael Kenna
Almond Tree, Study 1 Lluckmajor, Mallorca, Spain
Silver Gelatin1/252017MK-33580 $3000
Michael Kenna
Andaman Sea Study 1, Thailand
Silver Gelatin7/452012MK-33563 $2500
Michael Kenna
Approaching Clouds, Pizzoferato, Abruzzo, Italy
Silver Gelatin12/252016MK-33571 $3500
Michael Kenna
Bamboo and Wall, Nanjong Viangsi, China
Silver Gelatin2/252007MK-33548 $3000
Michael Kenna
Biwa Lake Tree, Study 4 Omni, Honshu, Japan
Silver Gelatin22/452003MK-33545 $3000
Michael Kenna
Capodacqua Lake, Capestrano, Abruzzo, Italy
Silver Gelatin12/252016MK-33572 $3000
Michael Kenna
Chikui Cape Trees, Muroran, Hokkaido, Japan
Silver Gelatin40/452002MK-33544 $4000
Michael Kenna
Copse Reflection, Vendramin, Veneto, Italy
Silver Gelatin35/452007MK-33549 $3500
Michael Kenna
Dusk Seascape, Ses Covestes, Mallorca, Spain
Silver Gelatin1/252017MK-33581 $3000
Michael Kenna
Empire State Building Study 6, NY, NY
Silver Gelatin2/42010MK-33556 $10000
Michael Kenna
Falaise d'Aval par nuit, Etretat, France
Silver Gelatin14/452000MK-19731 $7000
Michael Kenna
French Canal Study 2, TYBW, Loir-et-Cher, France
Silver Gelatin24/451993MK-33542 $3000
Michael Kenna
Gathering Clouds, Casoli, Abruzzo, Italy
Silver Gelatin15/252016MK-33573 $3500
Michael Kenna
Guggenheim Museum Study 1, NY, NY
Silver Gelatin1/252010MK-33557 $3000
Michael Kenna
Hidden Figure, Cimitero Monumentale, Milan, Italy
Silver Gelatin1/252008MK-33550 $3000
Michael Kenna
Hillside View, Shicheng Cheng Village, Jiangxi, China
Silver Gelatin2/252017MK-33582 $3000
Michael Kenna
Huangshan Mountains, Study 56, Anhui, China
Silver Gelatin3/42017MK-33583 $12000
Michael Kenna
Huangshan Mountains, Study 56, Anhui, China
Silver Gelatin3/252017MK-33584 $3000
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