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 Artist / TitleMediumEditionDateItemNoPrice
Richard Sexton
"The Highway of Temptation and Redemption: A Gothic Travelogue in Two Dimensions, limited edition book with photograph
Giclée, digital, water color ink12/100 RIS-22149 $1500
Richard Sexton
A Fisherman and Five Tankers, from Enigmatic Stream
Quad tone pieso print1/252015RIS-32684 $1000
Richard Sexton
Approaching Rain
Quad tone pieso print1/252014RIS-30427 $1000
Richard Sexton
Balcony on Paseo del Prado, Havana, from Creole World
Pigment Print3/252009RIS-31316 $1000
Richard Sexton
Bedroom, Laura Plantation
Pigment Print3/251997RIS-24051 $1000
Richard Sexton
Bedroom, Whitney Plantation
Pigment Print10/252010RIS-33385 $1250
Richard Sexton
Belfry Stair, Sts. Peter and Paul
Pigment Print1/252015RIS-33207 $1000
Richard Sexton
Belle Alliance Plantation
Pigment Print3/252000RIS-32948 $1250
Richard Sexton
Bicycle Taxi, Havana, from Creole World
Pigment Print2/252009RIS-30057 $1000
Richard Sexton
Bonnet Carré Spillway in the Rain, from Enigmatic Stream
Quad tone pieso print1/252015RIS-32690 $1000
Richard Sexton
Buju Gingerbread, from Creole World
Pigment Print1/252012RIS-29943 $1000
Richard Sexton
Bywater Bananas
Pigment Print4/252000RIS-32795 $500
Richard Sexton
Chalmette from Lower Algiers, from Enigmatic Stream
Quad tone pieso print1/252015RIS-32681 $1000
Richard Sexton
Children Playing in Norco, LA, from Enigmatic Stream
Quad tone pieso print1/252015RIS-32688 $1000
Richard Sexton
Quad tone pieso print2/252014RIS-30944 $1000
Richard Sexton
Creeping Oaks, Oak Alley Plantation
Pigment Print1/252009RIS-24794 $1000
Richard Sexton
Cross Creek Oak
Quad tone pieso print3/252008RIS-24880 $1000
Richard Sexton
Cypress on Old River
Pigment Print1/252012RIS-27426 $1000
Richard Sexton
Dawn on False River
Pigment Print1/252011RIS-27424 $1000
Richard Sexton
Decaying Rhythms, from The Creole World
Pigment Print4/252010RIS-31101 $1000
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