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 Artist / TitleMediumEditionDateItemNoPrice
Robert Doisneau
Coco, The Monkey Man
Silver Gelatinunnumbered1952RD-23308 $12500
Robert Doisneau
Cour Carrée du Louvre
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1969RD-20387 $6500
Robert Doisneau
L'Echaudoir De La Rue Sauval/The Scalding Room of Sauval Street
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1968RD-2404 $7500
Robert Doisneau
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1952RD-2406 $7500
Robert Doisneau
La Sonnette
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1934RD-3624 $4500
Robert Doisneau
Le Chant Du Departure/The Song of the Departed(fragment)
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1954RD-1574 $4500
Robert Doisneau
Le Gosse Des Halles
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1953RD-20392 $5500
Robert Doisneau
Le Kremlin-Bicêtre Flea Market
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1944RD-20389 $5500
Robert Doisneau
Le Muguet Du Metro
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1953RD-2816 $4500
Robert Doisneau
Le Pigeon De La Gloire
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1954RD-3187 $4500
Robert Doisneau
Les Animaux Superieurs
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1954RD-2502 $9500
Robert Doisneau
Madame Indignée, (La Dame Offensée)
Silver Gelatin1/11948RD-21495 $25000
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