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 Artist / TitleMediumEditionDateItemNoPrice
Yousuf Karsh
"Ford of Canada (surgeons)"
Silver Gelatin 1951YK-31593 $17500
Yousuf Karsh
Eduard Steichen
Silver Gelatinunnumbered1965YK-1825 $5500
Yousuf Karsh
Georgia O'Keefe
Silver Gelatinunnumbered1956yk-31380 $15000
Yousuf Karsh
Head Of United Nations- D. Hammerskold
Silver Gelatinten1955YK-2158 $1800
Yousuf Karsh
Helen Keller and Polly Thompson, her assistant
Silver Gelatin13/1001948YK-23135 $9000
Yousuf Karsh
Man Ray
Silver Gelatinunnumbered1965YK-12934 $5500
Yousuf Karsh
Marcel Marceau
Silver Gelatinunnumbered1956YK-2661 $5500
Yousuf Karsh
Marian Anderson
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1945YK-13192 $7500
Yousuf Karsh
Martin Luther King
Silver Gelatin501962YK-18364 $12500
Yousuf Karsh
Muhammad Ali
Silver Gelatin/1001970YK-19619 $17500
Yousuf Karsh
Pablo Picasso
Silver Gelatinunnumbered1954YK-24614 $12500
Yousuf Karsh
Richard Nixon
Silver Gelatinunnumbered1970YK-16430 $7500
Yousuf Karsh
Robert Frost
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1958YK-16574 $9500
Yousuf Karsh
Ronald Reagan
Silver Gelatin1/31982YK-10280 $65000
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