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 Artist / TitleMediumEditionDateItemNoPrice
Richard Sexton
Bedroom, Whitney Plantation
Pigment Print10/252010RIS-33385 $1250
Richard Sexton
Belfry Stair, Sts. Peter and Paul
Pigment Print1/252015RIS-33207 $1000
Richard Sexton
Detail, Cinclare Sugar Mill
 2/252015RIS-32950 $1000
Richard Sexton
Detail, The Ark
Pigment Print5/252010RIS-33664 $1000
Richard Sexton
Double Parlor, Germain Vitry House, Treme, from Creole World
Pigment Print14/252010RIS-32725 $2500
Richard Sexton
Ex Votos, St. Roch Shrine
Pigment Print9/251992RIS-32937 $625
Richard Sexton
Main Parlor, Whitney Plantation
Pigment Print3/251998RIS-33384 $1000
Richard Sexton
Melting Banksy
Quad tone pieso print1/252011RIS-32945 $1000
Richard Sexton
Miss Jane Pittman Oak
Quad tone pieso print11/252011RIS-33135 $1550
Richard Sexton
Morganza Spillway at Dawn
Pigment Print12/252015RIS-33380 $1550
Richard Sexton
Red Chair
Pigment Print4/252015RIS-33124 $500
Richard Sexton
Sanctuary Ceiling, Sts. Peter and Paul
Pigment Print2/252015RIS-33382 $1000
Richard Sexton
Sanctuary, Sts. Peter and Paul
Pigment Print3/252015RIS-33028 $1250
Richard Sexton
Spiral Staircase, Charbonnet House
Pigment Print25/252006RIS-27436 $2500
Richard Sexton
St. Roch Cemetery, New Orleans
Quad tone pieso print8/251995RIS-23471 $775
Richard Sexton
Staircase, Ashland, Belle Helene Plantation
Pigment Print10/101998RIS-33096 $13000
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