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 Artist / TitleMediumEditionDateItemNoPrice
Berenice Abbott
Statue Shop
Silver GelatinVintage1935BA-12715 $12500
World's Fair in Chicago, A Century of Progress
Orotone 1933ANON-30402 $250
Shimon Attie
Jewish Residents, Mulackstrasse 37, Berlin
Type C Print1/251991/1932SA-0040 $9500
Dmitri Baltermants
Attack (Russian / German front, Russian advance, WW II)
Silver Gelatinunnumbered1941DBA-19813 $27500
Margaret Bourke-White
Nursery in Auto Plant, Moscow
Silver Gelatin/51937MBW-22156 $35000
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Queen Charlotte's Ball, London
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1959HCB-20968 $45000
Edward Sheriff Curtis
Pl. 218, Waiting in the Forest, Cheyenne
Photogravure - van Gelder2911910ESC-15505 $75000
French hunter with dog, 1/2 plate Dag. with original frame.
DaguerrotypeUnique1850DAG-18346 $45000
Lynn Davis
Evening, Northumbrian Strait #VI (ISLAND)
Silver Gelatin3/101993LD-8468 $36000
Amédeé Lemaire deTernande
Lisbon, Portugal "Arrival of Princess Stephanie"(Instantaneous photograph of a Crowd)
Salted-Paper Printrare1858AT-17637 $25000
P. H. Emerson
Gunner Working Up To Fowl, from Life and Landscape on the Norfolk Broads
Platinumunnumbered1886PHE-2117 $17500
Elliott Erwitt
Auschwitz, Poland
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1964EE-23834 $7500
Walker Evans
French Quarter Resident, New Orleans
Silver GelatinUniqueFeb-Mar 1935WE-8212 $195000
Robert Frank
Cafe, Beaufort, South Carolina
Silver GelatinVintage1957RF-13982 $125000
Francis Frith
The Pyramids of Sakkarah, North East view
Albumenunnumbered1858FF-20076 $65000
Peter Wickens Fry
Castle in Scotland, Study of a Monument
Paper Negativeunnumbered1850PWF-17611 $3500
William Garnett
Reflection of the Sun on Dendritic Flow, San Francisco Bay
Silver Gelatinvintage1963WGA-23653 $7500
André Kertész
Man Walking, Ny (four Legs)
Silver GelatinUnnumbered1962AK-2630 $8500
Heinrich Kühn
Kühn Children, vintage exhibition print, mounted
Gum BichromateFive1904HK-2389 $45000
Clarence J. Laughlin
The Space Pendulum (San José Mission, San Antonio, TX) : 1952
Silver Gelatin 1952CJL-29179 $12500
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