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 Artist / TitleMediumEditionDateItemNoPrice
Fonville Winans
Bayou Girl (Tree in Park)
Silver Gelatin 1938FW-28613 $2500
Fonville Winans
Bayou Teche Fisherman
Silver Gelatin12/501940FW-22501 $5500
Fonville Winans
Children with a Camera Tripod
Silver Gelatin/251932FW-24615 $7500
Fonville Winans
Country Estate, House and cows
Silver Gelatin/251938FW-22502 $5500
Fonville Winans
Silver Gelatin 1938FW-28612 $2500
Fonville Winans
Dixie Belles
Silver Gelatin/251938FW-29995 $17500
Fonville Winans
Earl Long making a speech
Silver Gelatin/251940FW-22178 $7500
Fonville Winans
Ferry Landing Baton Rouge From Port Allen
Silver Gelatin/251938FW-11517 $3500
Fonville Winans
Fonville self portrait, Swamp Lunch
Silver Gelatin/251931FW-22056 $5500
Fonville Winans
Huey Long and President James Monroe Smith of LSU
Silver Gelatin/251935FW-10613 $2500
Fonville Winans
Ice on the Mississippi
Silver Gelatin/251938FW-20349 $1500
Fonville Winans
Long watchers (People watching Long making a speech in front of the WPA Center)
Silver Gelatin/251940FW-22176 $7500
Fonville Winans
Man in Canoe and Man with Camera
Silver Gelatin/25 FW-20350 $9500
Fonville Winans
Mardi Gras Revelers
Silver Gelatinrare1938FW-4784 $5500
Fonville Winans
Native Children, Louisiana
Silver Gelatin/501938FW-29993 $5500
Fonville Winans
Native Shrimpman
Silver Gelatin/251934FW-23281 $5500
Fonville Winans
People watching Long making a speech (closer view, man in center wearing Long button)
Silver Gelatin/251940FW-22179 $7500
Fonville Winans
Rice Festival, Crowley, Louisiana
Silver Gelatin 1938FW-28614 $2500
Fonville Winans
Salt Mine, Avery Island
Silver Gelatin/251939FW-10129 $7500
Fonville Winans
Self-Portrait, head shot
Silver Gelatin/251934FW-23280 $9500
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