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 Artist / TitleMediumEditionDateItemNoPrice
Joel-Peter Witkin
A Day in the Country, Poland
Silver Gelatin7/101998JPW-32781 $5000
Joel-Peter Witkin
A Wood's Dream of Signs and Wonders, New Mexico
Silver Gelatin4/62013JPW-32773 $5000
Joel-Peter Witkin
Anna Akhmatova, Paris, France
Silver GelatinAP/2s1998JPW-32780 $15000
Joel-Peter Witkin
Beauty Has Three Nipples, Berlin
Silver GelatinAP/2s1998JPW-32782 $15000
Joel-Peter Witkin
Child Pull Toy Discovered in 1854 at Pompei, New Mexico
Silver Gelatin3/152016JPW-32769 $5000
Joel-Peter Witkin
Corpus Medius
Silver Gelatin22/302000JPW-32778 $5000
Joel-Peter Witkin
Execution of an Extra-Terrestrial, Petersburg, VA, 1864 (New Mexico)
Silver Gelatin6/102013JPW-32772 $5000
Joel-Peter Witkin
Good Americans, When They Die Go to Paris, Bogotá
Hand-Coloredunique2011JPW-32796 $6000
Joel-Peter Witkin
Insects Reenacting The Crucifixion, New Mexico
Silver Gelatin3/1620015JPW-32771 $5000
Joel-Peter Witkin
John Herring: P.W.A., Posed as Flora, with Lover and Mother, New Mexico
Silver GelatinAP/2s1992JPW-32789 $15000
Joel-Peter Witkin
La Giovanissima
Silver Gelatin12/122007JPW-31210 $10000
Joel-Peter Witkin
Love in Post-Modern Oblivion, NM
Silver Gelatin2/102011JPW-30505 $5000
Joel-Peter Witkin
Man Reflected, Paris, France
Silver Gelatin5/102007JPW-32776 $5000
Joel-Peter Witkin
Man Without a Head
Silver Gelatin10/121993JPW-32799 $10000
Joel-Peter Witkin
Manuel Osorio (Monkey)
Silver Gelatin9/151982JPW-31209 $5000
Joel-Peter Witkin
Marriage Bogota´, Columbia
Silver Gelatin2/102009JPW-32767 $5000
Joel-Peter Witkin
Myself as a Speciman (Drawing Pencil on Paper)
 unique1988JPW-32790 $3000
Joel-Peter Witkin
Night in a Small Town, New Mexico
Silver Gelatin5/10s2007JPW-32791 $5250
Joel-Peter Witkin
Our Daily Bread, Paris, France
Silver Gelatin5/6s2013JPW-32779 $5000
Joel-Peter Witkin
Penis High Heel Shoe With Turnips, New Mexico
Silver Gelatin5/62012JPW-32774 $5000
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